As a reorderer of preexisting matter, I am fascinated by how forms come to be just
as they are. How they are generated, eroded, and otherwise participate within
and are affected by the unending change that now brings with it. Perhaps this
could all be thought of as making.

Upon examining what seem like discrete objects, we discover that Nature always
builds things out of smaller things.  These complex bodies also exist as parts in some
larger whole.  This pattern goes on and on in both directions no matter how broad
or narrow one’s focus becomes.  Perhaps this is why I am so interested in structure,
not as a thing, but as how things exist in relation to one another. It is through
understanding how things connect and interact with each other that their unity
becomes discernable.

Within my small-sized and barely perceptible works are invitations to viewers,
attempts to get rid of the actual and perceived distance between the viewer and
the viewed.  The pieces quietly hope that an onlooker might investigate and
perhaps consider the truly intimate connection we have to that which surrounds us.
This is why my work absolutely depends on being experienced firsthand.  It is an
exploration of this relationship and the act of perceiving in real space and time.

The work is often open, or includes the surrounding space within it in some other
way.  If, upon careful investigation someone becomes more aware of any of the
infinite specificities that constitute their present situation, then I have succeeded.
To cultivate this possibility, the work requires a quieting or removal of what is
normally seated in the foreground of life.  Then, we may hear the voices of the rest
or, not just a soloist, but also the symphony.