Some years ago I began hybridizing succulents.  As time has passed I've come to understand this as a significant
branch of my aesthetic practice.  My primary focus in this area is within the genus Haworthia, though I breed and
cultivate other genera as well.

Scroll down if you'd like to see photos of some of the plants I'm growing.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like more information about these plants, or if you are interested in ordering plants
or seed:

-John Chwekun
Haworthia (splendens x picta) x splendens
Haworthia 'Oobleck' x comptoniana 'Pelser'
Haworthia 'Oobleck'
Haworthia (splendens x picta) x 'D-Light'
Haworthia (truncata 'crassa' x comptoniana) x splendens
Tulista 'Angel's Tears'
Haworthia (splendens x picta) x springbokvlakensis
Muirio-gibbaeum muirioides
Haworthia splendens GM 452
x Haworthia 'Oobleck'
Haworthia 'PP32 x 'Chockwonder'
Haworthia 'Bev's Wonder, D-Light'
Lewisia cotyledon 'Elise'
Haworthia 'PP33'
Haworthia truncata 'Ryoku Chou'
Dorotheanthus rourkei, W. Klipland
Haworthia truncata seeedling
Haworthia splendens x picta, 'PP26'
Haworthia 'Mordor'
Haworthia comptoniana x reticulata var. hurlingii
Haworthia 'PP32' x 'Chockwonder'
Haworthia 'PP32'
Haworthia 'PP32'
Haworthia (splendens x picta) x splendens
Haworthia 'D-Light' x splendens
Haworthia 'Turbinado'
Haworthia 'D-Light' x splendens